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Clickadu Accounts




Nowadays, we all are familiar with ad networks that work as a connector between advertisers and websites and Clikckadu is one of them. Clickadu is the perfect place to promote your product through online advertising.

What Clickadu is

In 2014 Clikckadu was first introduced as an ad network. After that, it kept improving and currently it has become the most growing one. Clickadu offers advertisers to maximize their revenue through online advertising.

When Clikckadu started their journey in 2014 for the first time, they offered pop-under ads. But things have changed now. Nowadays they are providing monetization with different formats. This monetization system is growing as the emerging ones.

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Advertising Formats of Clickadu

 These days the significance of ad coverage scope is expanding and Clickadu is paying much consideration to it. To stride in that division, they have different formats

Instant Text Messages: Instant text connect with users directly as its only platform is mobile. Mobile users can see those advertisements through instant text. As a mobile user, you can decide whether you have any interest in those advertisements or not after going through them.

Video Pre-Roll: A regular internet user must be familiar with this one. You will get to see those video advertisements when you do live streaming or visit various websites that host videos. They make you see those ads.

Push Ads: Push ads is quite close to a video advertisement. However, in this format, you will able to see small messages popping up on your screen while you are surfing through different websites. Sometimes even if you aren’t browsing those messages will sill pop up on your screen.

Pop Under: Pop-under advertising format is a bit different. In this format, the advertisement will show up when you will close a page. So basically they pay attention to the user when they are going to leave the websites so that they can show their advertisement.

Skim Link: The most expensive video formats comparing to others as it allows you to acquire highly oriented traffic. It will give you a lot of advantages even though it is quite expensive.

Features of clickadu

  • In clickadu, there is not much requirement of traffic so advertisers and publisher can easily use these networks
  • The installation process of clickadu is very easy. Publishers who don’t like complicated thing can comfortably use this one
  • Different types of withdrawal options are available on clickadu for advertisers and publishers such as multiple and on-demand withdrawal
  • Multi-format monetization offers higher return rates

Payment methods and rules

In case of payment, clickadu is not tough to use. Publishers can get paid by using different types of services. Some of them are Paxum, PayPal, Payoneer, Crypto, and so on.

$10 is the minimum payment in clickadu and have to pay twice in a week if you are an advertiser. Moreover, you can withdraw money at every single pay period.

Besides that, the Premium publishes category is another option. Higher performing distributer use this category. They have the option to withdraw whenever they want.

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